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Travel App Development

Drive the best user experience for your customers by utilizing a high-performing, scalable, and secure travel mobile app solution with us.

Travel Application Development Services that Make a Difference

We excel in developing custom-made travel apps loaded with features that ensure a hassle-free travel experience for your customers every time. Our suite of travel app development services include:

Travel Planning Solution

Our experts provide you with a full-fledged travel planning app solution that gives your users the convenience of booking custom-designed packages for flight tickets, hotels, etc. This platform enables the users to plan their tour seamlessly, ensuring the best travel experience.

Check-in and Boarding Solution

Solutionsquares offers an innovative and unique mobile check-in and boarding solution that enables the user to do a remote check-in and get an e-boarding pass. Passengers no longer need to stand in queues for airline counter check-in, carrying heavy luggage. They also get the option of choosing their preferred seats.

Travel Management Solution

Our robust travel management solutions provide you with an all-in-one platform for booking, reporting, and overall managing an entire itinerary. Whether your users are managing a personal group trip for leisure or corporate travel, through this solution, they get complete visibility of the schedules.

Ticket and Hotel Booking

Our team of travel app developers excel in developing mobile and web-based platforms for easy ticket and hotel booking solutions. The solution allows customers to book inquiries, check availability, and generate tickets for hotels, flights, and other custom services.

Car Booking

Get a dedicated platform for offering on-demand vehicle booking services to your users at any tourist spot. Our team can develop user-friendly inter-city and inter-country connecting vehicle chains powered by the comfort of on-demand.

CRM Solutions

We give our partnered hotels and travel agencies custom CRM solutions to help them manage customer data and use them to offer personalized services which aim to increase the engagement rate.

Ad-Hoc Services

We offer a number of other travel mobile app development solutions specific to currency conversion or exchange, translation services, finding local guides, and local community centers. This type of ad-hoc service helps users to find different facilities in a new place by using a single app.

Travel Portal Development

We are a travel portal development company offering a one-stop solution for tour operators, travel agencies, and travel companies worldwide with travel website development services to sell travel packages, generate more bookings, and delight travelers. Get a fully-customized travel portal that suits the needs of both travel agents and individual users.

GDS API and Sabre Integration

We specialize in engineering an intuitive architecture that effortlessly integrates with Global Distribution System (GDS) APIs, including Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre. With the GDS API integration, users can get access to huge inventories, like hotels, tour packages, flights, etc, all on one platform.

Restaurant app development solutions we offer to help you serve your guests better

Our travel app solutions entail all the basic and advanced features helping your business to amplify engagements and fulfill customer expectations.
Currency converter
Easy to use admin
control panel
Hot deals
Social media integration
Complete travel
Filtered search
Interactive scheduling
Comprehensive reporting
Secure payment
Travel guides
Push notification
Well-devised search engine
GPS based
location services
Reviews and recommendations
API integration
Virtual tour guide

Our Travel App Development Process

Being an established travel software development company, we follow an agile travel app development process and create robust travel and tourism software that generates revenue.

Planning and Analysis

Our experts compile and examine your business requirements during the planning stage of the SDLC process. We identify the potential pitfalls and technological viability to make the application successful.

design product

Design Product Architecture

Our technical architects and travel app developers come up with a high-level design plan during the software design process. They create appealing and interactive UI designs that describe the complete flow of your travel booking software.


After finalizing the design, we start working on the prototype to give the client the final look and feel of the travel management software. This MVP version of the app prioritizes the core features, thus helping the app get a quick launch.

Testing and Deployment

Once the development process is done, we conduct a product quality test. Our developers test the app for bugs and glitches to ensure that the travel application is running smoothly, post which it is deployed on various platforms.

Product Support and Maintenance

Solution squares works with you at every step of the software development life cycle stage. As per the agreement between the two parties, our team continues offering ongoing support and maintenance to keep your travel app updated and running.

Our Travel App Development Process

At Solution squares, we utilize the latest tools and technologies and incorporate our high-coding standards to create an intuitive and robust travel application.

Experienced Team

We have a dedicated team of developers, programmers, and testers who are not only highly skilled in building applications of all complexity levels and scales but also passionately driven to achieve the best results for the client

Custom App Development

We offer you a suite of custom software development solutions that meets your business requirements. Our experts support your business infrastructure with a scalable software solution that overall improvises your business operations.

High-End Security

Being a travel app development company, we pay the utmost attention to the client’s software product. We sign a full NDA with our clients so that we can take all the necessary measures to secure their applications.

On-Time Delivery

Being a travel app development company, we pay the utmost attention to the client’s software product. We sign a full NDA with our clients so that we can take all the necessary measures to secure their applications.

Frequently asked questions

At Solution Squares, we specialize in developing travel apps that engage and delight users. The mobility services and solutions offered for travel apps cover all the major mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. As one of the leading travel mobile app development companies, we handle all the phases involved with getting your mobile app online. This includes

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Branding
  • App icons
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launching

If you have any doubts regarding travel app development or wish to discuss your app idea with our adept and innovative travel app developers, contact us right away. Our team is always here to serve you with the best guidance and travel app development services.

It depends entirely on your requirement and end goal. If your user base is across the regions with more Android users, go with Android, and if your user base is limited to the regions with more iPhone users, iOS is what you should choose. You can also choose cross-platform development if you wish to cater to both the audiences.

If you are aiming for custom travel app development, the features that can be added as must-haves are:

  • Flight and hotel booking
  • Currency conversion
  • Contact option
  • Payment gateway integration

The cost of developing a travel app depends on the choice of technology, platform, UI/UX designs, features, and other functionalities. A travel app with basic features would cost you around $20,000- $80,000. On the other hand, building a larger product with more advanced features and complex functionalities, may cost you around $100,000- $200,000.

Earlier, the travel and tourism industry used to run with the help of travel agents who had a monopoly over this business, and due to this, many of these agents resorted to malpractices. But with the emergence of mobile apps, it has become easier for users to plan and book a vacation.

For any company which is in the business of travel, it has become a need to develop a mobile app to deliver additional services, and it also helps them to stay in touch with the users. Whether you are a multi-million dollar online travel agency, a regional tour operator, or a utility travel solutions provider, you require a business tool that allows your customers to find you.