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Social Media App development Services

We specialize in developing social media app that prioritize connectivity and interaction. At¬† Present, we understand that in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, building meaningful connections and fostering engaging interactions are paramount. Besides our mission is to empower individuals and communities by providing them with innovative social media platforms that facilitate seamless communication, collaboration, and engagement.Indeed our interactive social media applications that help businesses reach their audience and engage with them enough to ignite conversations.

Connecting Worlds: Building Your Social Media App

From custom social network website design to extensive development process, our social app developers are skilled in connecting the world.

custom social app development

Custom Social Networking

Our team of social app developers excels in the development of custom social networking mobile apps, which makes it convenient for users to connect and be aware of all life happenings around them.

Social network analysis tool

Social network analysis tool

We develop tools for our clients to get insights into how their social campaigns are performing, how users are interacting with their app, the experience they are enjoying and instances where they are leaving the app.

Messaging App

Messaging app

Undoubtedly, our team understands that the future of social media lies in messaging and real-time chats. With this understanding, we develop platforms that enable instant connection in a safe, hack-proof environment.

video application

Video Based Apps

We specialize in the development of a range of different video centric apps. While on the one hand, our clients trust us with the development of YouTube like app, we also have made video call apps for the end-users to connect with their peers on a face to face level even when they are miles apart.


Mobile Dating Apps

Powered by the geolocation ability and a robust verification algorithm, we simplify the dating world by giving the users a simple and secure platform to form relationships.

Enterprise Social Networking App Development

Undoubtedlly, fitting social elements into traditional businesses with enterprise social media networking app development solutions. Indeed Solution Squares powers enterprise-grade mobile applications with the social capabilities that make organizations collaboration a lot more effective. Moreover, we blend our app development skills with our concentrated focus on integrating next level social media technology and tools to empower enterprises from all fronts:

Business tools

  • Knowledge Base
  • Polls Search
  • Calendar Management
  • Task Management

Employee networking

  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Discussions
  • Notifications
  • Intelligent Feed

Work process management

  • Version Control
  • Document Collaboration
  • Tagging
  • File Sharing

Team evaluation

  • Voting
  • Ratings
  • Badges
  • Privileges

Video collaboration

  • Live Video Streaming
  • Screen Sharing
  • Virtual Events And Webinar
  • Video Polls And Surveys

Crafting Connections: Building a Social Media App for the Digital Age

Profile creation

Real-time chat

Map integration

Image and video editing

Media upload and sharing

Social media API integration

Push notifications

Technology Stack to Make Your Social Media App Development

Our technical expertise is what makes your social media app stand out of the sea of others in the stores.


Indeed we are strategically using AI to build a highly personalized and intuitive user experience through tools such as chatbots and virtual assistants, making interactions between users and brands seamless.


Our team of Social Media App Developers offers IoT applications solutions for social media tracking applications. Further we develop smart objects that are optimized for social media, enabling automated posts and shares for being generated by the mesh of connected devices.


We use Blockchain solutions to not just decentralize and make the Social Media Industry more transparent but also to create a fair reward system for the content curators to earn what they deserve.

Artificial intelligence

Indeed we strategically use Artificial Intelligence solutions to build a highly personalized and intuitive user experience.

Augmented reality

AR/VR development solutions help businesses improve their app engagement rates by giving the users enhanced interactivity

Frequently asked questions

Today Smartphones hold an incredible image in an individual’s world. Moreover, thousands of mobile apps are available for download that certainly enhance the overall user experience with these devices critically. Besides the other popular categories, Social media apps are also gaining popularity. Nowadays almost everyone is fond of social networking website/app because it is one of the amazing platforms for advertising your product to the masses. But a social media app can only be successful if we hire the right social network app development company.

Further the reason behind the popularity of social networking apps is the ease of accessibility and higher reach. As they provide an amazing channel to stay connected with friends or getting updated about the new products.

Undoubtedly, Solution Squares is one of the top social application development agencies.Besides we are adept in providing reliable, scalable and cost-effective application development services by our trained professionals. In short span of time, we have received a nice recognition and reputation globally – all at the back of the features that make social media app popular.

Indeed We have a number of our mobile apps running successfully at various social network websites. While working on a project, we ensure that we meet our client’s business objectives. Before starting a project, we ensure that we meet client’s business expectations and needs so that the designed app goes well with the target audiences. Additionally, the product that we have developed gains traction and gets the proper attention.

Besides you can hire our top-notch Social Networking Developers for all your Social Networking Site and Social Networking App Development needs. Further our experts are highly proficient and have vast experience in developing custom Social Network Apps and Mobile Dating Apps.

Being a leading social networking app development company, Solution Squares brings to you top talents who have the right experience and expertise in the development of social networking apps. We provide you with developers who are proficient and expert in their field. We provide an excellent and cost-effective application development services to meet our client’s business needs that too in short time limits.We know that if a mobile app specifically designed for a website does not cater to the needs of the users, then there will be no takers for an app and it will not help to sell a product even.

We at Solution Squares ensure that the apps we design for social networking website work well with our target audience. Our apps are filled with all the critical elements, are flexible and bespoke when it comes to trend adoption, changes and upgradations. Social network application development requires change depending on the need of the users and our developers are ever ready to do get that implemented.

Our developed social networking apps are tailored with robust social networking app technology stack to enhance client’s business value and revenue, both

We build custom social networking apps with high-end and advanced functionality with lots of information sharing features

We offer cost-effective prices because we leverage open source networking platforms customization

Our developed social network solutions and social websites gets featured and ranked among the top-charts

The social network app development cost is dependent on a number of factors. The primary ones of these features are:

  • App Category
  • App Features
  • App Tech Stack
  • Location of your partnered social media app development company.

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