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we craft Entertainment app development solutions specifically designed for your business needs

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Solution Squares offers custom media and entertainment mobile app development solutions which are designed to not just make your brand a household name but also to keep your brand above the ever-growing crowd of entertainment mobile apps.
Our team holds the secrets of developing impactful media & entertainment applications which not just engages your users but also impact their life through a memorable experience.

Features that are a prerequisite to our entertainment app development process

Our media & entertainment mobility solutions are devised to incorporate the best of media & entertainment industry app development offerings.

Media upload and sharing

Text and GPS based facilities

Audio & video streaming

Push notifications

In-app purchases

Social media integration


Live chatting


Irrespective of what business model you wish to rule the industry with, our media & entertainment app development company has you covered

Our range of efficient entertainment app development services are delivered with the intent to help businesses cover all gamuts of the entertainment domain.

OTT streaming apps

With our OTT streaming app development services, leverage our proven domain expertise and get the freedom to customize your streaming platform without any limits.

Music streaming apps

Our apps prepare your business to handle thousands of active listeners in real-time without any speed lags and screen hangs.

Photo editing and sharing apps

We help your create an Instagram like app using both - the app’s clone features and next level features like AI based geo-tagging.

Content aggregation apps

We Develop apps that become the single source of entertainment and knowledge of the world.

We offer mobility solutions to streamline processes for media houses and publishers

Our solutions facilitate easy management of content and broadcasting.


Campaign and marketing management

Media content management

Video and film management

Digital asset management

Audience and broadcasting management

We offer mobility solutions to streamline processes for media houses and publishers

We Introduce the Most Innovative of Next-Gen Industries Into Media & Entertainment Industry App Development.


We bring the intuitiveness and simulation of Augmented and Virtual Reality to Bring Your Entertainment App to Life.

Artificial intelligence

We add revolutionary algorithms into your application to help you get insights into customers' psyche.


We make your entertainment app offering immutable and transparent by powering it with Blockchain capabilities.

We Are One of the Top media & Entertainment App Development Companies That Create Apps Enjoying Engagement Count of Over 80%

Our team is skilled in developing entertainment apps that not just keep the users engaged but also make them brand evangelists.

Frequently asked questions

Media & Entertainment is one of the key industry verticals that has been taken by the storm called Internet, technology and recently, the mobile revolution. Since the launch of smartphones and Tablets, the market is flooded with various mobility solutions that have entirely revolutionized the media industry through various entertaining ways.

Being a disruptive technology, Mobility is changing the way information, news and entertainment is reaching to its people and the way it is sought by the target audiences. Since its inception, Media & Entertainment Industry App Development is the key of this revolution. And, here at Solution Squares, we have been in the thick of things with respect to this entirely new revolution, which has helped us develop a wide range of Mobility Solutions for the industry. Straight from media & entertainment mobile app design to other gamuts of Media & Entertainment Industry App Development, we have your business needs covered.

Smartphones and Tablets have changed the way people see the media and entertainment. With ever reducing customer engagement, attention spans among the younger generation especially, who prefer watching a video over reading the lengthy texts, even if both are conveying the similar message.

This revolutionary shift of customer preference has, undoubtedly, catalyzed video app development. Youtube is an amazing example of such a video mobile app and we can see the impact it has had over the users around the world.

Such types of video apps are also changing the way content monetization is happening. Being a leading Entertainment Mobility Solutions provider, we are helping our new and esteemed clients to leverage the power of video and songs apps in order to connect with their customers faster. Solution Squares has become a brand name in the field of video app development by continuously delivering exceptional services to clients across the globe. We develop amazingly innovative and engaging apps using which one can easily entice the users and gain higher traction in one’s respective market.

Today Music industry is a key part of the entertainment industry. And, it has evolved as a newer mobile apps revolution, especially for young people, who want to listen to music while on the go. Today entertainment is one of the buzzwords and catering to the user’s demand, we at Solution Squares have created numerous video, music and audio apps.

Smartphones and Tablets have made photographing and photo-editing easy. And, with these enticing features, photography apps are not far behind in serving the specific group. Photo editing apps have empowered its users to transform the photography world. Here at Solution Squares, we rode this latest trend wave by developing mobile solutions for photo-editing and photography that cater to such user’s needs.

Today, mobile apps for movies have become the second irresistible thing on the Earth, after food. While ticket booking apps for managing and planning events are streamlining processes at management end, live movie streaming apps are redefining the user’s experience. These varied forms of apps are changing the landscape of the Entertainment world, and we at Solution Squares are happy to have had the great opportunity to develop such movie apps for clients.