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The web is a global marketplace. Shoppers are no longer confined by geographies or languages. They follow and promote platforms that offer convenience, value for money, and an amazing shopping experience.
To stand out among mediocre app solutions, your business needs the skills, experience, and tech wizardry of a market leader. Solution Squares, an ecommerce application development company has all these and more. It’s a leading ecommerce software development company, servicing clients across continents by developing innovative, simplistic solutions that fulfill complex requirements.
To cater to the rising demand for mobile commerce app development, we have cultivated dedicated resources and cutting-edge tools through our ecommerce app development services. If you are also looking to expand the online presence of your ecommerce business, then get started with us right away.

Types of Ecommerce Apps We Develop

Ecommerce apps are now utilized by all types of businesses. Whatever you sell, you can directly get it done through an ecommerce app. An ecommerce app development company like Solution Squars offers different types of ecommerce application development solutions for you.
Consumer To
Business to
Business To

Ecommerce Software Development Solutions that Target Conversion and Retention

The moment a visitor lands in your ecommerce application at the checkout stage, we monitor every interaction. We are obsessed with analytics. Our ecommerce application development services utilize scientific metrics to analyze visitor history and decipher patterns that impact their purchase decisions.
Only after we’re equipped with sufficient user insight we start coding and designing your solution. Our ecommerce applications development theory is simple: a few hours spent in accurate planning can convert into years and years of exponential revenue and customer loyalty for you and that’s our aim, always.
market analysis
and assessment
Mobile Commerce
App Development
Migration from
eCommerce to
Ecommerce app
Mobile wallet

Features We Integrate to Build Up Your App's Customer Loyalty Value

We are known globally as the best ecommerce app development company that offers world-class ecommerce development services. Our experts know what features convert the fence viewers into loyal buyers.

Store Locator

Now, your customers can locate you from any place on the globe. This feature helps redirect traffic from web to store and vice versa.

Click to Call

The easy access call button allows customers to call sales or customer service for assistance. This forms a crucial part of our ecommerce app development services.

Mobile Context-Specific Inputs Pre-Populated Forms

Presenting numeric keyboards for numeric fields and other interfaces users are accustomed to carrying forward user data from the registration page to the checkout page.

Strategic Placement of Products and Buy Buttons

Our designers cleverly place popular products or users' browsed products in an easy view to aid quick sales

Easy Zoom In and Out

Easy Zoom In and Out Swipe, pinch, double-tap…these familiar mobile interactions are used during our ecommerce applications development abundantly.

Click and Collect Option

An amazing feature that lets users collect low-inventory items offline from the nearest store. All they need to do is choose the click and collect option.

Loyalty Programs

One of the key features of our ecommerce development services include loyalty programs. We keep track of loyal customers and regular visitors and delight them with timely coupons.

Varied Payment Gateways

COD, PayPal, Paytm, card payment, and online banking—payment options abound in our apps to suit every user's needs.

Explore Our Feature-Rich E-Commerce Application Panels

Take your ecommerce delivery business to the next level with a complete suite of rich and advanced features for customer, admin, and vendor panels.
E-commerce app solution
With the help of some of the world’s most disruptive technologies, we, as an ecommerce application development company, prepare your ecommerce apps for the future with top-notch ecommerce development services.


Our ecommerce application development services utilize AR/VR technology to give your users the chance to virtually try before buying without leaving the comfort of their home.


As a reputed e-commerce software development company, we know the nitty-gritty of adding AI-powered mechanisms like Chatbots inside an application, rendering it more innovative.


From saving your customers' information to managing the payments, we employ Blockchain in a number of buying, lending & selling processes.


We hold the ability to connect your devices and make the retail experience Omni-platform. Being an e-commerce software development company, we make your e-commerce application the app of the future.


We take the ease of making monetary transactions to another level of comfort with our mPOS offerings placed at our partnered retailers' shops.

Frequently asked questions

Smartphones have become one of the newest revolutions in the IT industry. Like every domain, the ecommerce industry leverages this emerging revolution. And, that’s where e-commerce steps in. Today ecommerce is a popular term for “online shopping with Smartphones” and with the help of ecommerce software development companies like Solution Squares, businesses are now coming up with their own ecommerce apps.

Ecommerce is gaining popularity because customers are now more driven to shop through their mobile devices. Even those who are using the web, also choose an app because it gives them long-term and loyal customers comparatively.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that make us stand out as a leading mcommerce app development company:

  • Expert and experienced in providing latest and trending mobile shopping solutions.
  • Proficient in implementing the right m-Commerce strategy.
  • Delivering m-Commerce services and solutions that suits our client’s business needs.
  • Bestowed with a team of adept e-Business consultants and experienced Mobile e-commerce developers.
  • Best-in-class support service for instant guidance and support.

Our experience and core focus on creating an effective mobile presence for your business enable us to deliver solutions that help our clients meet business objectives and earn value and revenue. If you too have an e-Commerce website or an app idea, we can make it amazing.

There are multiple advantages that come associated with ecommerce mobile app development.

  • You become 24*7 brands.
  • You come at the world’s fingertips.
  • With effective push notifications and mobile marketing strategies, you can bring the cart abandonment rate down
  • You get the chance to transform from a local brand to a global business

The accurate time to develop an eCommerce app mainly depends on the product requirements and other goals. Creating the first version or MVP of your e-commerce app might take 3 to 4 months. Developing it into a complex app will take a few more months as per the project requirements like feature implementation, ecommerce app design, and others.

Here are a few crucial steps to developing an intuitive ecommerce app from a reputed mcommerce app development company:

  • Research on the project idea
  • Setting goals
  • Identifying the right platform
  • Defining the feature set
  • Focus on UI & UX design
  • Developing MVP
  • Collecting feedback
  • Iterating constantly

For developing a scalable and highly engaging e-commerce app, you need to follow a few tips:

  • Focus more on security
  • Ensure a seamless buying process
  • Develop for scalability and speed
  • Follow a proper UI and UX design process
  • Focus on app functionality
  • Get it built by experts
  • Go for competitive analysis
  • Create robust marketing strategies
  • Keep your app simple

Several factors are responsible for developing a mobile-friendly, scalable and robust e-commerce app. Many aspects influence the ecommerce app development cost, but primarily it depends on the kind of application you require to survive in the competitive marketplace. For instance, the cost of creating an Amazon-like marketplace app can range from $40,000 to $1,00,000. On the other hand, the cost of building an ecommerce app like Noon can range from $20,000 to $ 30,000.

Let’s check on the other factors that impact the ecommerce app development cost:

  • Ecommerce app design
  • Platform for app development
  • Wireframing cost
  • Maintenance cost
  • Usage of technical stacks
  • Advanced ecommerce features