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Our Full-Stack FinTech Software Development Services

As a leading financial software development company, we offer you the most resilient,
scalable, and high-performing FinTech solutions. Our suite of FinTech development services include:

Financial Software Development

Our FinTech specialists have a strong background in offering unique and innovative financial software solutions that digitally transform your FinTech business and ensure continual growth. We assist you in digitally transforming your FinTech idea - both custom & white label with our fintech application development services.

Mobile Banking Software Development

We are a banking software and finance app development company that offers reliable custom banking software solutions for all - retail, commercial, investment banks across the globe. With us, banks get a hack-proof environment, a performance-based microservice architecture, and a product that is a result of user-driven agile and DevOps methodologies.

Wealth Management Software Development

We are a FinTech app development company that deeply understands the importance of managing wealth efficiently and provides sophisticated custom solutions just for the same. Our FinTech software developers give your customers an intelligent platform to track, manage, and grow their wealth.

Accounting Management Software Development

Our custom accounting management software solutions do a lot more than manage just day-to-day financial transactions. They are designed to manage financial information, such as immovable assets, liabilities, cash assets, and more, as per your business needs.

Crowdfunding Platform Development

Our FinTech app development services also include building scalable crowdfunding platforms for fundraising, debt, and donation with high-end features like investment tracking, social networking tools, digital document management, and others.

Digital Wallet Development

Banks can meet the demands of modern customers for high security and customized promotions with a well-designed wallet app. Our FinTech software developers produce digital wallet applications that let banks and financial institutions handle transactions.

Mobile Payment App Development

We understand the importance of building a secured mobile payment app that caters to modern customers’ need for security. Our finance software developers can build you end-to-end encrypted mobile payment apps that support seamless mobile money transfers, payments, and rewards.

Investment Management Software Development

Our expertise lies in developing unique investment management software that efficiently executes trade orders based on market data using quantitative analysis and predictive analytics. Track your assets and detect the potential risks in your business with our robust custom investment management software solutions.

P2P Lending Platform Development

We have deep experience in developing complex P2P lending solutions for the world’s top markets. We have built and implemented a number of domain-centered solutions like mortgage calculators, initial offering mechanisms, automated advisory platforms, and legal maintenance tools.

Payment Gateway Development

We excel at the development of dynamic payment systems that offer a smooth and hassle-free payment experience. Our specialists integrate financial software with third-party payment gateways using ready-made APIs to give customers secure and convenient payment options.

Open Banking Platform Development

A banking software development company like ours can offer you best-in-class digital financial services. The open banking system utilizes analytical intelligence and deep learning to provide superior data categorization for complex insights like verifications and cash flows.

Point-of-Sale Systems

Our team of financial app developers excels in the development of omnichannel and omnipresent POS solutions for both high-end retail store chains and everyday mom-and-pop shops to accept payments from their walk-in customers.


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Why Hire Solution Squares as Your FinTech Development Partner?

Our Fintech application development process is centered around an in-depth understanding of the industry and its stakeholders.

1.  Our services are equipped with a robust fraud prevention mechanism.

Our team comprises custom software development service experts who specialize in building secure architectures to safeguard your users’ data, transactions, and network information. Through the implementation of robust FinTech app security solutions, we ensure the encryption of applications, databases, and server coverage, protecting against DDoS attacks and other potential threats.

2.  We assist in establishing user trust by implementing comprehensive end-to-end security measures.

Building trust in a digital finance system is a constant challenge when it comes to collecting users’ bank information on a digital platform. The UI/UX design of your application plays a crucial role in instilling confidence. Our team of custom software development service experts excels at creating applications that inspire trust, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience within the digital finance realm.

3.   We assist you in building FinTech systems without borders, fostering seamless global financial integration.

The FinTech industry is characterized by various sub-regions, each governed by its own regulations and practices. This fragmentation has limited the openness of the sector, particularly in terms of open banking. Our team can help you break down these barriers and facilitate a truly borderless FinTech industry, enabling seamless collaboration and innovation across regions.

We specialize in crafting tailored FinTech application development solutions that adhere to all industry compliance standards.

To ensure compliance with strict governmental and financial regulations, it is imperative that your FinTech product demonstrates transparency and adherence to data usage policies. Maintaining data security and regulatory compliance can be challenging, but our expertise lies in assisting you to achieve both. We provide solutions that help safeguard your data and ensure compliance with regulations, keeping your FinTech application secure and in adherence with industry standards.

1. FinCEN


3. PSD2




7. ePrivacy

8. AML

Our FinTech Application Development Ensures Integration that Makes Money Accessible, Fast & Secure

At Solution Squares, we invigorate our FinTech software development services with the next-gen innovative feature sets that are devised to take your app wherever the money goes.
Multiple account management
Multiple authentication systems
Calculators for
loan and tax
Payment gateway
Custom reporting
Data analytics
Customer data
Robust, scalable,
and secure
Dynamic KYC

Your FinTech Product Deserves to Stand Out. Our Approach can Help You.

The FinTech app development approach we follow starts with the creation of a blueprint. In a time span of two weeks, we deliver a completely mapped-out plan for your application build.

1. All-Inclusive Mobile Application Strategy​

Analysis and planning are the initial parts of the financial mobile app development.

2. UX Design Prototypes and Wireframes

Soon after the planning, our team of financial software developers start with the UI/UX design.

3. Financial Software Development Process

The team codes the app and completes the development process.

4. Testing the Just-Launched FinTech App

Before kicking off with the app launch, our team tests the app for bugs and errors.

5. Maintenance and Support

The tech wizards of Solution Squares also offer complete maintenance & support post-app launch.

Financial Services Software Development Cost Estimation

We take into account several factors for estimating the final cost of your fintech solution:
  • Complexities in features & functionalities
  • Choice of app platform
  • Complexity of third-party platform integrations
  • Size of the project

Frequently asked questions

Solution Squares is a value-driven financial software development company with a solid background in custom finance app development. Here are a few solid reasons why Solution Squares can be the best choice for your FinTech mobile app development:

  • Right from ideation and design to offering post-maintenance services, our skilled FinTech app developers get all your needs covered.
  • We have an experienced agile-oriented development team whose expertise lies in utilizing cutting-edge technologies to bring world-class FinTech software solutions to your table.
  • Our FinTech software solutions are in compliance with all the regulations, as we use proven frameworks to ensure high-end financial software development services.

The cost to make an app for banking or other financial applications depends on factors majorly including, the set of features and technologies you wish to add, the size and location of the hired finance app development team, the hourly cost rate of developers, the type of app developed, and more. On average, the cost of developing a FinTech app can vary from $40,000 to $300,000.

The development time for a financial app depends on several factors such as the size of the development team and the type and number of features you want to include in your application.

Generally, for any finance app development company, it takes more than 2,000 hours to develop a low to medium-complexity level app. For a closer time estimate, schedule a call with our talented team of financial software developers.

The process of financial app development is typically organized in the following way:

1. Research

The team would brainstorm the features, technologies, and other implementations that will be useful. Once this information is gathered, the project scope can be created, highlighting the timeline of the entire project.

2. Prototype and MVP

Soon after the features are decided, a prototype or an MVP of the product is created. This helps you understand the viability of your product in the market and also helps you create a product with the best representation of the app’s USPs.

3. Design and development

The next stage is working on the UI/UX part of the application. With proper implementation of the right set of features, FinTech app developers ensure that the app has easy navigational features and offers a great user experience.

4. Testing

Testing is a crucial part of an app development process that ensures a bug-free app with no crashes and glitches. Only after proper end-to-end testing, your financial app can go ahead with the launch.

5. Deployment

This is the last part of the app development process, where you are finally ready to launch your app in the app stores after all the testing processes have been successfully done.