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Crafting Exceptional Restaurant App Development Solutions: Elevate Your Dining Experience

Restaurant app development solutions we offer to help you serve your guests better

Step into our world, where every line of code and every pixel is infused with the flavors of creativity and innovation. Our team of culinary maestros and tech virtuosos collaborates tirelessly, crafting restaurant apps that transcend mere functionality to deliver immersive, delightful dining experiences.
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Appetize: Crafting Next-Gen Restaurant Apps for Seamless Dining

Digitalizing the food order and delivery industry by bringing thousands of restaurants and millions of diners on one platform.
With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of ingenuity, we transform ordinary dining establishments into culinary destinations of choice. From intuitive reservation systems that anticipate your needs to immersive menu experiences that tantalize the senses, our restaurant apps are designed to inspire, engage, and enchant.
But we’re not content with just meeting expectations; we’re here to exceed them. With our finger on the pulse of emerging technologies, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. From AI-driven personalization to augmented reality dining adventures, we’re pioneering the future of restaurant experiences one innovation at a time.
Our on-demand food delivery app development team is made up of 400+ industry experts who have a wealth of experience creating applications for successful restaurants, thus they understand tech needs of the restaurant industry from the inside out. Whether you want to develop an app like Uber eats or Zomato, we are prepared to be a part of your restaurant innovation journey.

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Innovating the Restaurant Industry, One App at a Time

We power-pack your app with features that are designed to make your restaurant services efficient.

Send location-based deals

We, as an online food delivery app development company, take best leverage of the GPS feature to help you send location-based deals to people who have downloaded your app. Apart from being an unfailing marketing tool, our GPS integration also helps your customers and stakeholders. To get reservation options and driving instructions right on their app.

Share reviews via social media

We empower your customers to leave a review on your restaurant’s service. Further we provide food options and share them on social media from right within the application. The feature which is designed to be a powerful marketing strategy. This will helps hike your sales astronomically in online food ordering app development.

Maintain customer database

As a restaurant app development company back your apps with an integrated tracking feature that keeps track of people who viewed, visited and downloaded your app. Our restaurant app developers then create a dashboard for you to gather their contact details. Besides we maintain a comprehensive database that can be used to carry out targeted marketing campaigns

Easy menu display

Complete with images and interactive features, we add an easy menu display. When we develop an online food delivery app or create a dine-in solution. We also give your users the option to mark their favorites after searching extensively through the advanced filters designed according to price, cuisines, and taste preferences.

Quick reservations

An automatic real-time updating in records doesn’t just help optimize your restaurant app performance but also reduce the wait time, especially during the busy holiday season. We help you achieve these benefits through the intuitive quick reservation functionality.

Maintain event listing

Our restaurant app development solutions enable your app to maintain a calendar of restaurant events such as food festivals, cuisine days, jamming nights, DJ events, and so on by including this special feature in your app.


Convenient checkout

Our restaurant mobile app solutions also consist of solutions where customers can easily check out through your app via a few taps on the screen. You can get notified as soon as the table status gets “vacant”.

Nearby restaurants

Your customers can search and find nearby restaurants that serve their favorite dishes by simply running the search enabled with advanced geo-location features with our on-demand food delivery app development solutions.

Re-order and take away

Repeating the favorite orders for customers must not take their time and energy. Our custom food delivery application development services utilize the “Reorder” feature to make it easy for your customers to enjoy their favorite dishes as many times as they want. Our food delivery app developers also integrate the “Takeaway” feature where customers order online, takeaway offline.

Manage profile

Repeating the favorite orders for customers must not take their time and energy. Our custom food delivery application development services utilize the “Reorder” feature to make it easy for your customers to enjoy their favorite dishes as many times as they want. Our food delivery app developers also integrate the “Takeaway” feature where customers order online, takeaway offline.

Our Integration Choices make us a Trusted Restaurant App Development Company

Here are the integrations our restaurant mobile app developers blend in to make your restaurant app interactive, engaging, and scalable.

Varied payment options integration

We integrate multiple payment options in the app: e-wallets, online transfers, card payments, or coupon redemption to enable a cashless dining experience. The payment mechanisms that we integrate are designed to make user experience smooth and encourage repeated orders.

Embeddable media content

We facilitate embedding high-resolution images, videos, animations, and other media content into your app, easily. You can add your restaurant pictures, nearby landmarks for easy navigation, food menu pictures, and images of special events in your restaurant to entice visitors.

Referral feature

Our restaurant app development services also enable you to have a referral system in place enabling your users to earn bonus points while they dine in or order from your restaurant. The objective is to help you not just earn loyal customers but also generate revenue through app download subscriptions.

Multiple platform compatibility

We, as a leading restaurant app development company, develop your apps to be multi-platform and compatible with different screen sizes, making them attractive for both Android and Apple users. Irrespective of which platform your customers are on, we will get you on it.

Push notifications mechanism

We integrate well-timed push notifications in your applications. You can take advantage of the push notifications functionality to send personalized messages to your customers aimed at increasing repeat orders and thus, greater revenue.

Discount vouchers and coupons

We integrate discount vouchers and coupon features for the customers to keep them engaged with your app. Our restaurant mobile app developers can integrate seasonal offers, promo codes and other forms of incentives to keep your customers happy.

Help and support

Our restaurant apps development services also include one-touch help and support features allowing your customers to reach out to the support team for quick assistance.

Advanced technology solutions
we use for modern restaurant
application development

We draw the attention of your customers by implementing modern technology solutions to your restaurant mobile app development.

Voice assistance

As an online food delivery app development company, we believe in assisting the food orders of your customers using voice technology in food ordering app development, restaurant PoS software development or self-serve kiosks to give on-the-go experience.

Augmented reality

With AR technology, give your customers a live experience of your restaurant, food and other items. Our restaurant mobile app development agency developers are skilled in integrating lively preview features for best online experience.

Artificial intelligence

If you are looking for restaurant chain app development or food ordering app development, our AI integration will help you with accurately mining and managing customer data. Not to forget the trending food industry insights you get every minute with our restaurant software development.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the popular food business startup ideas are:

    • Food truck apps
    • Cloud kitchen apps
    • Quick service restaurant apps
    • Pop-up restaurant apps
    • Leftover food supply apps
    • Food planner app

Depending on the features you are looking to add in your on-demand food delivery mobile app and the resources that it would require to get your app transformed from its ideal stage to the launch phase, the cost of developing a food-delivery app would come out to somewhere around $30,000 to $40,000 or more. For a more accurate estimation, you can reach out to our experts.

It’s nearly impossible to accurately tell the time period until the initial release is ready to enter the market. Even if you have a clear idea of what your restaurant app will do and whom it will entertain, there are various other factors such as development platform, restaurant app complexity, restaurant mobile app features, target audience, development team size etc. that directly impact those timeline.

It is best to seek guidance from a reliable restaurant app development company for accurate estimation.


If you are willing to build your own food delivery mobile application, you must be well-versed with the growing competition and steps to build a user-centric custom food delivery app. For an accurate understanding of developing a delivery app like uber eats, you would need a food delivery app development company like Solution Squares that can help you to grow with the market.

You shouldn’t see the investment into restaurant app development services as an either this or growth option. Both are interdependent. A mobile app can be the best way not just bring all your partnered restaurants in one place but also take the platform to an avenue full of diners.

There are certain questions you can ask when hiring a restaurant mobile app development company that will help you make a sound decision sooner. You can research reliable restaurant app development companies, ask about the company’s portfolio and industry experience, and take a follow up on their development process. It is equally profitable to have knowledge of the different restaurant mobile app development technologies and pitfalls you need to avoid.

At Solution Squares, our development team provides an accurate description of how your restaurant business can benefit and grow sustainably with our app development solutions. Talk to us to get started.

Yes. At Solution Squares, we transfer the entire code to our clients once the app is developed and deployed.

The time and cost factor varies according to your specific features and technology requirements. But to get a rough estimate, head on to our article on how much does restaurant app development costs article.